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Have you lost or found a pet?

There are several excellent resources available. Check out the links below, as well as some quick tips on where to begin.

Never make assumptions about a found pet based on their condition. You do not know how long the pet has been loose, how they got lost, if they require medications that they haven't received, or many other factors that may have contributed to their current condition.
If you have lost or found a pet, your first stop should be the interactive map, maintained by Maricopa County, that shows lost and found pets throughout the valley. This map can help reunite pets and owners before the pet is taken to the shelter.

*En ingles y español*


-Make a public post on your social media with a photo and detailed description (color, sex, size, breed if recognizable) of the animal lost or found.

   *Include the location using major cross streets. 

   *Include the date and time lost/found.


-Share to Straydar, Nextdoor, StraydarAZ, Lost Dogs of Arizona, Maricopa County Interactive Map

    and Craigslist.

-Haga una publicación pública en sus redes sociales con una foto y una descripción detallada (color, sexo, tamaño, raza, si es reconocible) del animal perdido o encontrado.

   *Incluya la ubicación utilizando las principales calles transversales.

   *Incluya la fecha y hora perdida / encontrada.


-Compartir en Straydar, Nextdoor, StraydarAZ, Lost Dogs of Arizona, Mapa interactivo del condado de Maricopa y Craigslist.


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